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    Professionally Produce Tracks!
    Inspirationally Designed
    Spiritually Discerned
    God Spoken
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    Musical Foundation of:
    Obedience to God
    Praises to God
    Godly Fear
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    Spiritual Love Songs to God by:
    Situational Challenges
    Observational Confirmation
    Biblical Truths
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    God Given Blueprints for Songs
    Dynamic Arrangements
    Constant Ideal Building
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Welcome to Know Love Music. We are here to glorify God through music.

Our music is written, produced, distributed and built on foundational truths.

Writing Music

Music that will inspire praise and worship

Our goal is to write songs that praises God and bring to remembrance of His greatness and love. In order for us to do that we must continue to be obedient to His word.

Producing Music

Personable & professional relationships is key

Our creative standards are biblically founded. By God's standards we strive to produce music that will not add or take away from the true message.

Tracks Mastering

Our process of track mastering

God has given me the spiritual blueprints and ability to know how songs suppose to sound and together with a mastering professional our tracks has a clear-cut, smooth sound.

Our Foundation

Supporting Our Community